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-Hey, Kate! Let me in!-

1.Name: Lindsey, LinLin, Stupid, whatever.
2.Age: 18
3.Location: Athens, GA...home of the pretentious college kids who listen to music that I've never heard of.
4.Favorite song of all time: "Crazy"
6.Favorite book: White Oleander or Violet and Claire.
7.Favorite tv show: "That 70s Show" or re-runs of "Quantum Leap", even though I think I spelled that wrong.
8.Favorite director: David Lynch. Oooh...psycho-creepiness.
9.Favorite movie: The Crow and I'll kick your ass if you make fun of my Brandon Lee dolls, or my puppy's name. (Draven)
10.Favorite brand of sneakers: I wear ass-kicking boots.
11.Which character on Saved by the Bell would you be? I want to say Kelly just because I would love to make out with Zack Morris hardcore, but I would probably be Jessie.
12. Give us a picture...believe me, it's important.: You KNOW what I look like, fool! *points to icon* I'm a lazy bastard, sorry.
13. Give us some more reasons why you should be a part of the gang and get to sit at the cool table.:
Because your mom stopped and stayed overnight in Comer (WHERE MY MOM LIVES) just because that's your last name. Because I love me some elven hotties, and would never make Legolas die of a broken heart. Because we're going to be co-captians of an intergalactic pirate ship. And, dammit, because no one else thinks I'm cool.
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