Kate "Awesome" Comer (wearebothcats) wrote in the_cool_table,
Kate "Awesome" Comer

Hey, this is your moderator a.k.a. table anchor a.k.a. the girl who always gets school lunch a.k.a Dungeon Master.

Here are my answers, and I'm already in so Boo-to the-oo yah.

1.Name: Kizate
2.Age: 20
3.Location: NYC
4.Favorite song of all time: Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits
6.Favorite book: A Wrinkle in Time
7.Favorite tv show: Smallville
8.Favorite director: Christopher Guest, David Wain
9.Favorite movie: L.A. Confidential, Wet Hot American Summer
10.Favorite brand of sneakers: Converse
11.Which character on Saved by the Bell would you be?: Lisa Turtle.
12. Give us a picture...believe me, it's important.

I'm the one on the right.

13. Give us some more reasons why you should be a part of the gang and get to sit at the cool table.: I don't have to.
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