America's Sweetheart (__getaway) wrote in the_cool_table,
America's Sweetheart

///Name Heather
///Age 17
///Location Joisey

///Favorite song of all time Everlong by the Foo Fighters (i cant help it, im girly like that)

///Favorite book I'm a total english nerd, so there are so many. i guess my absolute favorite would have to be Shes Come Undone by Wally Lamb.

///Favorite tv show Sex and the City is my favorite regular T.V show, because, well, who doesnt love those ladies? But Im also a sucker for Degrassi and the Real World. Guilty Pleasures make the world go round.

///Favorite director Sophia Coppola. Her movies are absolutley stunning.

///Favorite movie Empire Records.

///Favorite brand of sneakers Converse i suppose. I'm more of a flip-flop girl though.

///Which character on Saved by the Bell would you be? Lisa. I always thought she was the prettiest and the smartest of the girls on that show.

/// What is your favorits sketch comedy show/group? Mad T.V.

/// Give us a picture...believe me, it's important.

/// Give us some more reasons why you should be a part of the gang and get to sit at the cool table. because every cool table needs a Jersey kid, and i heard about this community from Ambur's journal, and shes just awesome.
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