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I'm not really all that cool... I'm supper cool!!

1.Name: Coleo
2.Age: 19

3.Location: Sarasota FL,

4.Favorite song of all time: Today ( Fuck the Pain Away By Peaches)
6.Favorite book: hummmm... The world according to garp

7.Favorite tv show: Sex and the City!!!!

8.Favorite director: I'm such a lamo I don't know directors names.... And I say I want to make films.....

9.Favorite movie: FUCK!!!

10.Favorite brand of sneakers: Addidas
11.Which character on Saved by the Bell would you be?: I never watched...

12. Give us a picture...believe me, it's important.

Cole Swabbing the Deck.jpg

13. Give us some more reasons why you should be a part of the gang and get to sit at the cool table.: Because I'm I'm I'm ......  Me... what more do I need to be? 

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