JennJITSU! (35mmmaven) wrote in the_cool_table,

Yay I'm cool!

1.Name: Jennifer
3.Location: Germany
4.Favorite song of all time: Everlong and Heaven is a place on earth
6.Favorite book: anything by Anna Maxted
7.Favorite tv show: CSI
8.Favorite director: I don't really have one
9.Favorite movie: Amelie, Lovely and Amazing
10.Favorite brand of sneakers: north face
11.Which character on Saved by the Bell would you be? Mr. Belding. Hurhur.
12. What is your favorits sketch comedy show/group? No one knows them, and I don't think they even made it past the one show they did. A bunch of people from Athens did this wicked comedy night, dancing Zoolander style in their underwear, bits of whose line, it was great.

I haven't been able to shrink a picture yet, believe me I'm working on it.
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